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Take It Easy!

A long time ago (seems like forever), I lived in New Zealand.  Just like with my painting, The Stewardess, I had a big apartment with empty walls!

Oh the horror!

So what did I do?  I painted of course!

This was my second painting, and since I was still getting my bearings, I made it fairly small.  It’s about 24 inches square.

For the subject matter, I asked my buddy what I should paint.  He was is a bit of a hippie, so he said ‘a hot girl chilling’.  In honor of friendship, and the late 1960’s, I painted this.

I knew I wanted the girl relaxing on a tie-die background (what else says hippie like tie die?).

This is was so long ago, I don’t have any archival elements for it. No notebook development sketches and none of the modeling reference images (those were back in the days of analog pictures!  Yikes!)


Me painting in the living room. Notice all my storyboards I had (for a film I’m still working on!)


Closeup of the canvas and printouts of the model.


Using a tissue to fine tune her face.

So enjoy this sketch….

Just Chillin Painting by Mike L. Murphy

Here’s the sketch that I used for the painting. Notice how it’s pencil? Now I do it all in Photoshop. Ah, the good old days…

And this color study.  You’ll notice, due to this being painted in 2003, that she’s listening to a Sony Discman (what a relic!).  So for the ‘digitally remastered’ version, I’ve replaced this with an iPhone.  Yes, just like George Lucas I can be the asshole artist that changes his past work.  Maybe in a decade I’ll update it again to whatever the kids are using to play music.  😉

Also, there’s not much of a poem, making this the simplest of all my work (so far).  Also note that this is my Dad’s favorite painting (he grew up in the 60’s, so the nostalgia is ripe.)

Just Chillin Painting by Mike L. Murphy

Color study.

Final Painting:



Just Chillin Painting by Mike L. Murphy

The completed painting.

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