Little Bit Of Wonderful

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Smart Is Sexy.

Being a big Einstein nerd, I wanted to create an image that featured E = mc 2.

I also happen to think teachers are cool, and perhaps my inner teenager was harking back to Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher.

Here’s the first concept sketch I did in photoshop:

Little Bit of Wonderful Teacher painting by Mike L. Murphy

My original concept sketch.

And here’s some reference I found of the crazy math scribblings that would be on the chalkboard:


Crazy nerdy math equations. Good Will Hunting would be proud.

During this time I found an image of the costume I liked.  I must base the character’s costumes off of some reference.

Next I needed to cast my character.  I was working on a movie, and our production manager, Paulina fit the part.  Paulina used to be a model but was very shy.  She very much did not want to pose.

However, I’m very persuasive!

After helping her move it was payback time.  We took some reference pics in the lobby of the studio.


Inspiration for the jacket.


Full body reference shot of Paulina.


Closeup of hand and head.

After successfully getting my reference pics (you stinker Paulina!), I finalized the line work.

Ultimately I ditched the ‘nerdy’ glasses.  Such a cliche!  You can see the face in the sketch looks a lot more like Paulina, but in the final image it got more ‘cartoony’.  Being an ex-Disney animator, it’s my instincts to turn every chick into a Disney Princess.


Grid work so I could lay the small sketch out onto the large canvas.

I remember this painting sitting in my living room in West Hollywood for over a year because I had so much work to do!  It was hard to find time here and there to paint.  When I paint I want to fully commit, so unless there is a huge chunk of time it’s very hard to get these bad boys (or girls, as the case may be) completed.

After much painting (and wonderfully smelling oil fumes) I had my sexy teacher ready!

Final Painting:

Sexy teacher painting by Mike L. Murphy

The completed painting.

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